Mount Ida Painters Guild Membership

We have 18 active members and are always looking for more. We share laughter and ideas; we encourage and critique within a positive environment that is loaded with fun and enjoyed by all.

We would like to showcase our active members with a photo and a short bio of each. Some have links (hover over their names or pictures) to individual galleries, exhibiting their artwork.

Alton Gates

Alton Gates

Born in Nova Scotia, my family moved to Ontario when I was 12 years old and at 17 I joined the R.C.A.F. During my 27 years service I travelled throughout much of the world.

While travelling in Europe I was impressed by many great works of art, including the impressionists.

A number of years later I took a course at Lakeland College in North Eastern Alberta and discovered how much I enjoyed art. I met two art instructors, Val Dunn and Lori Johnson, who taught me about subject, composition and colour.

After moving to Salmon Arm, British Columbia in 1995 I was fortunate to meet Mike Glennie who helped me improve my understanding of perspective.

Having always enjoyed mountains, large trees and waterways, I try to paint these subjects in a realistic or impressionistic way, occasionally adding structures or animals to enhance my work.

I strive not to lose the individual look of my paintings.

I am a founding member of the Mount Ida Painters Guild. Several times a year, I enter my paintings in art shows around the Shuswap area of British Columbia, where I now live.

Anna Wysocka

Anna Wysocka

I was born in Yugoslavia, but moved to Poland at an early age where I was educated. After getting married in Poland my husband and I moved to Canada, arriving in 1983 in Edmonton Alberta. This is where we brought up our family. Later we moved to Salmon Arm.

As long as I can remember I always had a desire to paint, but had so little time. It wasn't until we moved to Salmon Arm that I really started painting. I joined the Mount Ida Painters Guild and took lessons from Sandra Van Den Ham.

My head is full of future paintings, landscapes and flowers; enough to keep me busy for several years!

In 2012, in our annual Mount Ida Painters Guild Show, Terry Goodrick and I tied for first place in the Peoples Choice award.

Betty Proseilo

Betty Proseilo

I was born in London, England, and came to Canada when I was nineteen. I always wanted to paint; however, it was many years later, after career, marriage and the family left the nest that I was able to do so.

My husband and I moved from the big city (Calgary) to the north Shuswap, where I discovered the Anglemont Art Group, who took me under their wing. It was a delightful experience and I will be forever grateful to them. I have been painting ever since.

I now live in Salmon Arm and paint with the Mount Ida Painters Guild. I use acrylics, watercolours and pastels, with pastels and acrylics being my favourites. My favourite subject matters include birds, animals and people.

Painting has made a huge difference to my life. I find every project a challenge, with a chance to take a new look at life, and enjoy the practice of painting.

I have received a number of jurors' awards from the Shuswap Lake Festival of the arts. In 2010 and 2011 I was honoured with first prize in the People's Choice awards at the Mount Ida Painters Guild show. My paintings are widely disbursed.

Brenda Goels

Brenda Goels

Born in Calgary, Alberta, but raised in Kitimat, British Columbia, my life took a turn at the age of 15 when my mom gave me an art kit for Christmas. While I enjoyed drawing off and on as a child, it was this gift that encouraged me to take it more seriously. After high school I went to San Francisco where I attended the Academy of Art College. Unfortunately, a family situation made it necessary to leave before I could finish the program.

From San Francisco I moved to Calgary where I worked as an administrative assistant for over 20 years. During this time I did not pursue artistic interests at all. Looking at a leisure learning brochure that came in the mail, I decided to try my hand at watercolor and took a community-run class taught by Sandra Civitarese, a Calgary artist; however, I did not continue to paint once the class was over.

In 2008 I had a desire to return to British Columbia and moved to Salmon Arm where I started painting by joining the Sunnybrae Painters and, through them, the Mount Ida Painters Guild.

Since coming to the Shuswap, I have taken several classes: oil painting with Sandra Van Den Ham, watercolor and design workshops with Karen Huehold, and acrylic painting with Iris Didow. I have also played a bit with colored pencils. Nevertheless my favorite medium is watercolor. I love the things you can do with it, and I love the things it will do on its own. It is so versatile and wonderful and fun. Every time I decide to move on to another medium, I come up with an idea for something I want to try or I see a new technique, and so watercolor remains my medium of choice. Most of my inspiration comes from nature: flowers, fish, insects, landscapes…whatever captures my imagination at the time. More recently I am trying my hand at painting portraits in watercolor.

My paintings have been shown in several locations throughout the Shuswap and homes in western Canada. As well I have had the honor of winning a couple of awards.

I am in the process of setting up a page on facebook. Please visit Brenda's Paintbox on Facebook.

Donna Good

Donna Good

I have been painting since 1980. However, I did not start painting in earnest until 2006, when I retired from a 45-year career as an OR Nurse.

I have taken courses in most painting mediums but find I like working in oils best.

In addition to painting, I have a passion for the theatre and all the art that goes with it!

Ella Olmsted Miller

Ella Miller

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. My father made my first easel when I was 12. My work was chosen in grade school for the competition held every year at the Calgary Stampede.

In my younger years, the demands of raising a family and making a living prevented me from taking any formal training.

The love of painting stayed with me and, on reaching the so-called “Golden Years”, I decided to do something about it by joining several art groups and found them very encouraging.

Since that time, I have taken several workshops given by professionals to improve my oil, acrylic and watercolor painting techniques. The result of these was that, over the course of time, I have been the recipient of three jurors' awards. More recently, I have begun to use colored pencils and love the easy portability of this medium.

I have found the past 35+ years to have been lots of fun and a great learning experience.

I am pleased to know that people from several provinces across Canada are enjoying my work. I hope to continue painting for many years to come.

Heather Funfer

Heather Funfer

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains and the foothills of Southern Alberta gave Heather Funfer an appreciation of the beautiful scenery and changing colours of the seasons. Heather moved to British Columbia in 1972 with her husband and two children and lived in the Revelstoke area for 31 years until retiring and moving to Salmon Arm in 2010.

Heather's paintings are inspired by nature and the particular splendour of the mountains and flowers found in Alberta and British Columbia. This self-taught artist began oil painting for pleasure and learned her craft primarily from books, art magazines and instructional videos. Though she experiments with a variety of mediums and has enjoyed classes in watercolours with James McBeath, her focus continues to be oils.

For 18 years, Heather was an active member of the Revelstoke Art Group. Her work was exhibited at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre, Monashee Gallery, Selkirk Gallery and in corporate businesses. Heather also participated in the annual Revelstoke Art Walk and the Revelstoke Mountain Arts Festival. Her paintings can be found in private collections across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Helen Borg

Helen Borg

I was born and raised in Holland, where I was also married. In 1956, along with my husband I emigrated to Canada, arriving in Calgary where I was to live for the next 34 years.

In Calgary I was a functional potter for 32 years, running my own pottery business and studio/shop, called Pottery Corner, selling pottery, not only at the studio, but also at various pottery and art shows around Calgary. With my love of nature, the outdoors and painting, I began painting floral designs on my work.

Later on when I found the pottery too heavy to work with, and difficult to transport, we moved to Anglemont B.C. Having always enjoyed flowers and nature scenes, I now attempt to bring out that enjoyment in my paintings using water colours.

I now live in Salmon Arm, and joined the Mount Ida Painters Guild shortly after moving here three years ago.

Jackie Meikle

Jackie Meikle

After retiring to Enderby, I first tried my hand at painting with oils. I loved painting landscapes from the region, but eventually could no longer tolerate the long drying process of oils in my living space.

This led to a whole new adventure with watercolours. I discovered this to be the perfect medium to produce both landscapes and smaller works to be made into greeting cards. Cards For All Seasons are now enjoying a new life on three continents! All of my cards were first done in watercolour, and I engaged my husband in printing them for me.

More recently, I have found a new love: soft pastels. Temporarily neglecting my watercolours, I enjoy this new–to–me–medium and the endless possibilities therein. I enjoy the portability of the pastels and may, myself, be sporting a rainbow of colors (yes, they do wash off!).

I am grateful for all the encouragement and help from fellow artists, both in Enderby and in Salmon Arm. I am a member of the Courtyard Gallery in Enderby, where my cards and paintings can be viewed and purchased.

Janice Scott

Janice Scott

Born in London U.K. I came to Canada in 1961, Settling in Toronto and later, Oshawa. My husband and I retired to British Columbia in 1993 and found a home at Sunnybrae.

I first started painting after retirement, and was an active member of the Sunnybrae Artists Group since 1993.

I have taken courses in oil painting at the Salmon Arm campus of Okanagan College as well as several workshops over the years. I have exhibited at Shuswap Lake Festival of the Arts and Salmon Arm Art Gallery.

In 2013 we sold our lakeside home and moved into Salmon Arm where I joined the Mount Ida Painters.

I enjoy landscape painting but like to try other subjects too, such as portrait, flowers, animals, buildings. It is always exciting to start a new work and see it develop, sometimes with surprising results.

Jeryl Auten

Lois (Boots) Johnson

Lois (Boots) Johnson

I arrived in Fort St. James, BC, in 1960. After the family had grown in the 1980s and left home, leaving me with more time on my hands, I started doing paper tole and a little bit of painting, with paper tole taking up most of my time.

Someone once told me that if I started painting I would see things differently, so I started getting together with friends who painted. I started painting with oils and found that advice to be so true: colors, shapes and shadows are challenging yet fun.

The painting group held small art shows. I had sold lots of my paper tole work but never any paintings. I was very proud when I sold my first painting, even if it was to my son who still hangs the painting in his home.

After moving to the Shuswap, I started to spend more time painting. I joined two art groups: one in Enderby and Mount Ida Painters Guild in Salmon Arm.

I have put my paintings in art shows in Sorrento, Armstrong, Enderby and Salmon Arm.

After 20 years of painting, I am still in awe of the things I paint and I look forward to doing more.

“If you want to try painting, by all means do it. It will open up a whole new world for you.”

Louise Fuller

Louise Fuller

Having lived in Salmon Arm all my life, I have always enjoyed nature and art.

I started painting and drawing classes with Jo Parrot in 1990 and took numerous classes at Okanagan College through Art Waves.

I enjoy plein air painting and love gardening. It is nature that provides the inspiration for my paintings.

Currently I am a member of the Mount Ida Painters Guild and have been a member of the Paint and Sketch Club since 1992.

In 2007 I held a private art show which was a success. As well, I have shown my paintings in Sorrento and Kamloops and am currently showing my work at the Galleria Hair Design and at Botanica Spa in Salmon Arm.

Marg Froess

Marg Froess

I am an “artist–in–progress” who loves to paint landscapes and flowers by experimenting with oils, watercolors and acrylics.

Born in Abbotsford, BC, I now reside with my husband on the old strawberry farm on Berry Road near Enderby, BC. This farm has been in my family for over fifty years and provides the inspiration for many of my paintings.

My work is currently showing in the Courtyard Gallery in Enderby, British Columbia and you can view some of my paintings at my website Partners in Paint.

Mike Glennie

Mike Glennie

I was born in Assam India in 1938, and having artistic parents, I became interested in art at an early age. In my youth I was lucky enough to be tutored by two gifted artists, who lived nearby. Later on I put my 'Talent' to use, painting signs, scenery for shows, and cartoons.

By taking courses and painting with the Richmond, BC Artists Guild, I managed to continue honing my skills, while being fully employed, and raising my family. Retiring in 2003, to Salmon Arm, I found more time to paint, and have gleaned much knowledge from fellow artists in the Mount Ida Painters Guild.

In every painting I try to put something new that I've never tried before. This enables me to challenge myself, so the act of painting always seems fresh and new to me.

I enjoy placing people into my work, to discover, that I am not only the painter, I am now the producer, and the director of every facet of the project.

My variety of subject and style, means that each work stands on its own merit. When someone sees a new painting of mine, and says “Well that's different!” I'm happy, because I wish them to be different. I hope my painting is a surprise, not only to the viewer, but to myself as well.

Olena Bramble

Twenty, or so years ago I saw someone drop some colored water onto paper and I was amazed at what I saw. The paint spread into a wonderful design and I wondered what else could be done to continue the magic of it all. It wasn't until 2007 that I found time to take some watercolor painting classes and so I was finally able to satisfy my curiosity in what happens when colored water hits the paper. And, I am still amazed at what can be done with this beautiful style of painting.

Life-long-learning has always been a way of life for me so I am excited to make watercolor painting be one of my favorite learning past-times. Even when I get quite frustrated with a painting I am working on, I keep coming back to it because the challenge is always so interesting. Presently, I am drawn to painting flowers which demand a delicate touch with anticipation wondering if the petal or leaf will become transparent in all its true colors. For every successful painting of the subject, five or so are piled up in a corner, showing me later, how much I have grown.

They say that it takes passion to keep an artist interested enough to keep going. And that is how I feel. I enjoy the continuous wonder of the magic I saw so many years ago while watching someone drop some colored water onto paper. And now it's me sitting with paper, colored water, and brushes watching my own magic happen right in front of me as I paint gloreous imges of my chosen flowers.

Ruth Swenor

Ruth Swenor

I was born in Vernon but have travelled all over BC – from the North to the Caribou, along the coast and finally, in 1991, settling in the Shuswap with my husband.

I was always interested in art, and in spite of working full time – and at the suggestion of one of my clients – I took art courses at Okanagan College. This inspired me to continue my painting, and in 1998, I joined the Mount Ida Painters Guild.

One of my most enjoyable hobbies is gardening, and this influenced me to paint flowers. In turn this has interested me in the wide variety of colours that exist in flowers. I have also found that travel has broadened my scope of interest, and has shown me the colours that exist in all facets of life.

I have recently been experimenting in abstract art, and am finding new challenges, styles, and opportunities to use my talents in different ways.

I have joined several different artistic societies, and enjoy showing my works, not only with the Mount Ida Painters Guild, but also at the Shuswap Lake Festival of the Arts. More recently I have been showing my paintings at the Courtyard Gallery in Enderby, British Columbia.

Ted Belcher

Ted was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He grew up in Vancouver, BC and in 1963 moved to Abbotsford. Living there for almost 40 years, he now makes his home in Blind Bay, Sorrento, British Columbia.

He bought his first of many 35mm cameras in 1960. His love of colour and flowers has made it easy for him to share his images with others who enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. He now uses a Canon Digital camera and continues to spend all his time learning and displaying his work for the public.

He has been a featured artist and photographer in Costco's photo department and his images have been featured in calendars, postcards and magazines.

Ted is a member of the Shuswap Photo Arts Club and he enjoys mentoring and helping others understand the digital learning curve.

His best works, he feels, are the Digital Macro flower images he is well known for. The colours captured in the images for display are very intense, always vibrant and realistic.

Ted, like all photographers, is always on the lookout for that one great image that people will always remember.

Terry Goodrick

Terry Goodrick

I was born and raised in Trail B.C. I became interested in art at an early age, and was one of the art students that painted the original mural on the outside wall of the J. L. Crowe High school.

In 1986 I studied under the guidance of Gladys Murray, which stimulated my interest in art, and I have been painting with oil ever since.

After a move to the Salmon Arm and Vernon area I joined local art groups. In Vernon with helpful ideas from Jocelyn Renard, I became interested in pastels, finding I had a new palette.

In 2007, after returning to Salmon Arm, I joined the Mount Ida Painters Guild.

My motivation has been the use of colour, shape, and form in my artistic interpretations, this has resulted in my personal success in my oil and pastel endeavours.

I have participated in art shows in Vernon, Kelowna, Coldstream and Armstrong, winning a few First Prize and Best in Show ribbons.